Business Updates for 2018

Welcome to the new year! I’ve made some changes as we head into my second year of business, and I wanted to make sure everyone is up to speed with what’s different.

  • Branding Changes: Teague Technology Consulting is now This is simpler, shorter, and better matches my email and website domain. You’ll see this reflected on my business cards, signature, and on my top-level logo here on the website.
  • Kirkland Chamber of Commerce: I joined earlier this year, and this is also reflected here, on my business cards, and email signature.
  • Change in Repeat Customer Discount: If you are a repeat customer, then I waive the “House Call Surcharge” so that your first hour is the same price as subsequent hours. This is in lieu of the former policy of a 10% discount, which was more complicated for my accounting, but unless you go beyond 3 hours, the new policy results in more savings for you.
  • Now Accepting Credit and Debit Cards: I recently acquired a Square, and as such can accept credit or debit card payments, which are sometimes more convenient.

That’s it for now – I hope you have a great 2018!


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