With a Masters Degree in Computer Science, I went into the tech industry as a software engineer, and spent my last 12 years at Microsoft. After some part-time “fun” jobs, I found that my passion for technology remained, but there weren’t many opportunities to satisfy it. Then…I started helping my┬áneighbors with their tech frustrations, much to their delight. At a certain point, I decided to see if I could make a business out of it, and the conclusion has been a resounding “YES!” However, you’ll see my rates are really low, and that’s intentional. I want my services to be available to the widest possible range of potential clients, both residential and small businesses.

I live in the Kirkland “Highlands” neighborhood with my wife, Susan, and our two tuxedo cats, George and Grace.

I’m really operating on a “by referral only” basis, so my phone number doesn’t appear on this website. However, if you have some tech frustrations or questions, you can email me from the “Send me an email…” page to get the discussion going. I’m no miracle worker (despite what some of my clients say), but I can fix a lot of stuff for far less than some of the other more well-known corporate businesses.

Hours: By appointment only